Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions and superstitions can form some of the fun, spotlight moments on your wedding day.  Here’s  the background to some weird and wonderful  wedding customs  you might want to include in your day;


Ever wondered about the origins of the ever present wedding cake? Well, the cake started life as a humble loaf of bread which was  broken over the bride’s head to bring good fortune to the newlyweds. Over the years this has developed into the elaborate cakes we see today. The moment you cut your wedding cake isn’t merely about getting another photo for the album. More than that, it symbolises the start of your new life together and your promise to forever provide for one another.


It was believed that the bride’s bouquet could capture ‘good spirits’ and ensure a joyous wedding day. This explains the  throwing of the bouquet, allowing this good fortune to rub off on friends and family.  Tradition says that any single women lucky enough to catch the bouquet will be the next to marry.

 Throwing wedding bouqet


Marriage hasn’t always been such a romantic affair. Many years ago the groom would claim his bride-to-be by abducting her.  To ensure they arrived safely at the church, the Best Man was charged with fighting off other men or the bride’s family who might want to snatch her back!


On your wedding day it’s only natural that your guests will all want a piece of you. However in times gone by, guests quite literally wanted to get their hands on the bride. At the end of the ceremony it was common for the guests to pounce of the bride snag a piece of her dress for good luck.

Garter removal 1


Did you know it’s a Danish wedding tradition that at some point during the evening, the men will circle around the groom, lift him up and cut the toes off his socks with scissors?! It’s said this will prevent him from cheating on his bride in the future!